3 Easy DIY Tricks Anyone Can Do

No matter what level of experience you have, there is always something new that can be learned in the repurposing world as new techniques and new products are created. We all have that piece of furniture that we just aren't loving. Perhaps it was something that was repurposed once upon a time and needs a new look, or it is something you just haven't had the inspiration to tackle.

Today, we have chosen to share three videos created by our paint distributers at Country Chic Paint. We enjoy using these products on a daily basis and believe they are some of the best paint products on the market today. 

We will cover: 

1. How to layer different colors of paint. This will create more dimension and color in the piece when you watch learn (in the second video) how to distress your piece. 

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone. Source

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone. Source

2. How to wet and dry distress to create an aged, worn look. As straight forward as this may sound, its helpful to learn some tips and tricks about wet and dry distressing so your piece doesn't end up with "chicken pox."

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze. Source. 

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze. Source

3. How to apply wax and tough coat for sealing and antiquing. 

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax. Source.

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax. Source.

Layering Painted Furniture

Wet and dry distressing

Wax and tough coat

You can find a range of Country Chic colors and products on the shelves at Ramshackled Treasures. 

We also have a Painting 101 class coming up on July 14th, August 6th and September 8th or our popular Cabinet Painting class on July 21 and August 18th. 

As always, happy creating!